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Custom Fishing Adventures on the Crusader

Quick Details

Peak Season (6/1-8/31) Shoulder Season (5/1-5/31 & (9/1-9/15)
Boat Buy-out Triple Combo
Halibut, Salmon & Rockfish Shoulder Season $2550
Boat Buy-out Combo
Halibut & Salmon Shoulder Season $2010
Halibut & Rockfish Shoulder Season $2010
Salmon & Rockfish Shoulder Season $2010
Boat Buy-out Single Species
Halibut Shoulder Season $1890
Salmon Shoulder Season $1890
Rockfish Shoulder Season $1890

Book your Custom Fishing Adventure!

  • The Crusader is the newest addition to the Central Charter’s fleet. It is 31′ aluminum boat built by Raider boats out of Washington. The Crusader features a spacious back deck and twin outboard engines. Inside the heated cabin is seating for 6 passengers with a berth in the bow for storing gear or taking a quick nap. There is a private restroom on board that is accessed from the back deck. The Crusader is outfitted with top of the line fishing gear for Halibut, Salmon, and rockfish as well as state of the art electronics and navigation for finding those secret spots where all the fish hide.


  • The Crusader is a great option for  a family wanting to get out in a lower stress environment or a hard core group of fisherman wanting a big day, and everyone in between! Your captain will tailor your trip to your needs whether that means more mellow fishing areas with great sightseeing or the deepest darkest holes where the monsters live. We will even stop fishing early and drop you off in Seldovia for a quick lunch before returning home, if that’s what your groups decides they wish to do. A Custom Fishing Trip on the Crusader will meet and exceed your expectations.


  • Day to day the Crusader operates as a half day halibut charter in the mornings, and a wildlife/sightseeing tour boat in the afternoons. However it is fully equipped and ready for any full day fishing adventure that your group would like to do.


  • We are now offering a coveted Triple Combo fishing trip! On the Triple Combo your group will target Halibut, Salmon & Rockfish. A trip like this makes for a longer day but one you and your group will never forget! All the gear and bait is supplied so just bring your fishing licenses, food and drink.


  • We also offer single species Salmon, single species Rockfish, and Salmon/Rockfish combo trips on Tuesdays & Wednesdays since regulations do not allow charter fishing for Halibut on those days.


  • Custom fishing Adventures on the Crusader are booked as a boat buyout option only to ensure that your group receives the best experience possible tailored to your needs and wants. Per person price break down is $425/person for a triple combo, $370/person for a combo & $325/person for single species trips.


  • Please give us a call at 907-235-7847 to discuss buying the Crusader for the day and all the advantages that go along with having only your group on the boat.
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