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Sea Kayaking from Homer, Alaska

Experience Alaska sea kayaking with a long established first-class outfitter. Our guided kayaking tour takes you through Peterson Bay, in the heart of Kachemak Bay State Park. The central location has a wealth of diverse paddling routes and loops to choose from, including Gull Island bird rookery with its 16,000 nesting birds and China Poot Bay, often touted as one of the world’s richest estuaries with its vast system of tidal channels. We offer half day or full-day trips.

Half-Day Kayaking Trip
This half-day kayak tour is excellent for those short on time or tentative about kayaking. We offer half days both in the morning and in the afternoon. Our professional guides have introduced kayaking in a safe, fun, and comfortable manner to thousands. Almost anyone can kayak! Join us and learn to kayak in one of the most spectacular places on earth. From stunning mountain views to intimate wildlife encounters, this tour offers an unrivaled Alaska experience.

Full-Day Kayaking Trip
This trip is great for adventurers! The route is diverse and abundant in spectacular scenery, wending its way through two bays where you can alternately paddle in narrow tidal channels, up close to bold sea cliffs, and emerge into more open water. The loop provides a lot of variety in scenery and sea life, including the Gull Island seabird colony, where you can enjoy close-up views of puffins and other species of seabirds. There are archways to paddle through and beaches to rest on as well as short stretch hikes to scenic vistas.

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