The Best of Seldovia Side by Side UTV Lunch Tour

Lunch Included | See The Best of Seldovia

Quick Details

UTV Lunch Tour

1.5 hour Lunch tour. No difficulty. When people get off the Central Charter tour boat they have three hours to see this great town before they depart again for Homer. Most are hungry, and set off for a long sit-down lunch and then wander around the downtown and boardwalk area before departing again. However, they miss the chance to see Seldovia’s greatest views and natural wonders, due to time and distance constraints, as it would take hours to see them all by foot.

That’s where Seldovia Bay Adventures comes in. We will first zip you out to see the beautiful Inside Beach, and then Outside Beach where you’ll eat a prepared lunch (no need to wait at a restaurant) in the covered pavilion. Then we’ll show you the best of Seldovia in a comfortable but adventurous tour in our side by side UTV as we take you to, the Campground Bluff (best view in town!), Fisherman’s Bridge at Seldovia Slough (iconic views of Seldovia’s waterfront homes), a salmon stream (watch them run late summer!), and ending at the historic boardwalk where you will still have plenty of time to do some shopping and sightseeing at our quaint galleries and stores!

We are here to serve your needs and timeline as a day-tripper to town and look forward to you joining us this summer 2019!

What to Know

  • You will need to be able to get in and out of a side by side UTV and navigate some terrain
  • Make sure to dress appropriately and bring water